HAPPY CHRISTMAS (early or just now or belated?) EVERYONEEEEEE. May you have a great Christmas this year :)

These one is the full illustrations from my latest major project http://phenolphthalein.tumblr.com/post/38223082742/my-last-major-project-from-this-semester. I’m planning to post this on Christmas after all (since I have no timeto make a new art orz)

This mini storybook is dedicted for all of you :”), especially for those who lives far far away or celebrates Christmas alone. Just so you know that there’s friends who will accompany you even though they’re not ‘there’ literally.

I’msorryifthere’sgrammaticalerro wwww… and actually the story is quite cliche www. 

EDIT: OMG, I just realize that I put some images in a wrong order U__U fix it. Gomen. 

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